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Working towards being debt free!

The “Why” of Getting Out of Debt


Do you want to be out of debt?

Don’t talk about the “what” to do to get out of debt until you talk about the “why” to do it. Especially when trying to get your spouse on board.

Do you want to be out of debt…

  • So that you can save for your kids’ college?
  • So that you can build wealth and retire with dignity?
  • So that you can give more?
  • So that you can pile up money and go on vacation to anywhere you want to go?
  • So that you can have one spouse stay at home and raise your kids? (that’s my son)
  • So that…

That’s the “why.” And there’s a lot of great reasons to get out of debt.

Getting out of debt is a lot easier when it starts with the “why.” Then, with bigger and better goals in mind, you can get down to the “what.”

And the “what” is the budget, the sacrifice, the living on a plan together, the cutting up the credit cards, the getting very focused and very intense.

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